Power Air Fryer 3.4 Reviews

Power Air Fryer 3.4 ReviewsPower Air Fryer 3.4 can make all quick and crispy snacks and fried items with least or no amount of oil. It has seven predefined temperature settings for seven different dishes that are just one touch away. Moreover, it can cook food up to 400°.

More than one kind of food can be cooked at a time if they use the same time and temperature. If you are a lover of fried food, then you are in the right place because this is the Power Air Fryer 3.4 Review. Here, you will particularly learn about the features of this fryer.

Auto Shutoff

Auto shutoff is an important feature that comes with this power fryer. When your food gets ready, the machine turns itself off. Thus, you do not need to keep an eye on the food. This prevents your food from overcooking or burning. All you have to do is, set the timer of the fryer according to the requirement of your dish, sit back and wait until it is done.

Seven Preset timers

The power air fryer has a feature that allows you to cook seven kinds of food by just touching at their icons. This air fryer has seven predefined timings and temperature for seven different kinds of food. This feature of power air fryer 3.4 facilitates you to cook the food at just one press of your finger.

Oil free food

The fryer uses heated air to cook all the crispy food without deep-frying. Thus, this is the best power air fryer for all the consumers that are health conscious as it cooks their favorite golden fried food without oil.This is one of the best power air fryer so far

Pros of power air fryer 3.4

  • Very easy to clean and wash as its basket can be removed very easily and is dishwasher friendly
  • Excellent quality non-stick inner coating, due to this food do not get stick to its surface
  • The fryer heats up very quickly which reduces the cooking time of all kinds of food items than the regular conventional oven
  • Power air fryer 3.4 has the ability to can cook more than one item at a time

Cons of power air fryer 3.4

Just like any other appliance, this power air fryer has some disadvantages. Discussed below are the cons of power air fryer

  • Setting the temperature is tricky
  • Power air fryer 3.4 takes up a good deal of counter space
  • Preset timings sometimes do not work well for all kinds of food

Conclusion of Power Air Fryer 3.4 Review

If you are really a lover of fried food and as well as a health conscious, then this power air fryer review is going to ease your life. As the features of this fryer explains that how fried food is cooked in this fryer without the use of oil. Moreover, the digital setting of the timer and temperature makes it the best air fryer. These properties of the fryer make this power air suitable for daily use.

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