Power Air Fryer XL Review

Power Air Fryer XL ReviewFrying your favorite food has never been easier before the Power Air Fryer XL. It is virtually goof-proof. By using less oil or no oil, the Power Air Fryer XL prepares your favorite food with fewer calories. It is designed to cook all the golden-brown fried food such as fried chicken, French fries, chicken tenders, fish sticks, onion rings, chicken wings and many more. Moreover, if you love desserts, the Power Air Fryer XL is a must have.

To use this fryer, simply add your food to the easy load basket, slide it into the air fryer unit, and with the touch of a finger select your cooking setting from one of the seven preset programs. This power air fryer XL review highlights the major features of this best power air fryer.

One Touch Panel

The Power Air Fryer has easy digital touch panel. The one-touch feature of the fryer makes cooking with the Power Air Fryer a breeze. The touch panel allows you to enjoy seven preset programs that are by default programmed in this power air fryer XL.

Structure of fryer

Power Air Fryer has a heavy-duty stainless construction, steel utility tong, secure grip for front and back, mirror finish, spring-loaded construction and scalloped edges for easy grabbing.

Automatic response

Power air fryer XL is programmed very intelligently to respond uniquely and efficiently to its users. Thus, this power air fryer XL shuts off automatically when its lid is open and resumes cooking cycle when is closed.

Oil Free Food

With this amazing power air fryer, you can enjoy all the crispy food without any guilt. This is the best power air fryer as it makes crispy foods with no oil; using super-heated air, up to 80% less calories than regular frying. Thus, cooks healthier with less added fat.

Pros of Power Air Fryer XL

Following are few of the positive aspects that benefits the user of Air Fryer XL

  • The longer you use the fryer in one sitting, the less cook time second and third item needs.
  • This power Air Fryer XL uses no or less oil to cook healthy food. Thus cooks healthier food without added fat.
  • Auto shut off technology never lets you burn or overcook your food
  • Heats up quickly

Cons of power air fryer XL

Just like any other appliance, this power air fryer has some disadvantages. Discussed below are the cons of power air fryer XL

  • Cleaning and removing the frying basket is sometimes challenging, especially when the fryer is hot.
  • Temperature does not exceed from 400°, which is sometimes required for few dishes
  • Due to longer use, the appliance heats up easily.

Conclusion of Power Air Fryer XL Review

If you are looking for a way to cook food that is quicker and more convenient in many ways than a traditional oven, then this Power Air Fryer XL review will help you choose the best air fryer. All these discussed features make it nothing more than a small oven and the best power air fryer that anyone can enjoy. Thus, this fryer will make your life easier, speed up your cooking time and will definitely change the way you approach your meals.

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